Calling all Queen’s Gambit fans!

How great for my client to find a beautiful antique chess table for her young family to learn and enjoy together.

I am such a Queen’s Gambit fan and was thrilled to work to restore this table!

Melissa and I brainstormed fun new colors for the center game board. She definitely wanted the top edge/base to be restored in Athenian black. The color scheme changed as you will learn and is still timeless.

As I cleaned, prepped, and sanded the old finish, the beautiful natural wood revealed itself. My husband is truly a wood worker/expert and helped me to test and determine that the squares were solid pieces. I was able to sand out the rough puppy chewed leg to almost look new but I wanted to keep the natural distressing on top from years of playing!

Luckily, Melissa trusted me to keep the wood pieces natural. Only a few needed a little added touch up with stain before I applied polyurethane top coats.

This table has been well loved for 60 years and more to go in Melissa’s home. What a fun treasure and opportunity for me to restore and bring it back to life!

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