Custom tray ceiling shines above this beautiful dining room!

This faux finish involved painting 7-8 layers of colors after creating base of texture on this large dining room tray ceiling.

I am so thankful to my dear friend and artist mentor, who coached me through creating various faux techniques to show my clients a variety of sample boards. Plus it helped me practice what I would be painting upside down!

Communication and helping them to visualize this new finish idea was so important. Sample boards are small and the ceiling was so large above and would takes on a creative spin. Luckily, both husband/wife loved same color scheme out of 6!

Amazing Benjamin Moore color palette in greys/blues/creams/champagne/pearl paints were troweled into this finish.

This was completed about 3 years ago and my greatest challenge working up high over the course of a week and a half. It’s a lovely home in Wexford and it was fun to see the lighting, walls, furniture, and floors all completed.

Proud to share the process of this project and very happy with results!

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