New kitchen design/painted cabinets ready to enjoy, Prijatno!

This older but beautiful maple kitchen needed some updates and I enjoyed working with my friend/client in her beautiful Wexford home!

Floors and countertops were in great condition so we only chose new cabinet and wall colors, and a creative backsplash to tie into the warm feeling in this home. All coordinate with colors in adjacent living room/hallway.

We took out traditional wine rack and replaced with glass door/shelves for more efficient use of space. All hardware was replaced on doors/drawers and really makes a difference!

Now the room is more open and compliments the gorgeous contemporary thick wood table/chairs/artwork and special pieces of pottery collected over the years.

I am always thankful teaming up with my friend/painter Julie, on these kitchen projects to service our clients. We both work hard and are thrilled our client is so excited with the results! Prijatno! Enjoy!

Original maple cabinets with beautiful detail.
New finish and hardware!
Custom made glass door for wine glasses!
Beautiful art/pottery/furniture!

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