Fun surprise found inside this 1925 desk restored for home office!

Thankful for talented interior designer, Leanna Hart, and her client Susan, asking me to team up and custom paint this antique desk/chair, newly built storage pieces, and update the brick fireplace built over a hundred years ago.

This beautiful furniture belonged to Susan’s grandparents and had been stored in her parents’ home for safe keeping. Now it has new purpose in a special place in her own home office.

After cleaning, I found a lucky penny inside in the back of a drawer placed cleverly into the desk by her grandmother years ago. When I finished, I put it back inside and noted on the middle drawer, her grandparents’ names and 1925 so that her children and family will always know who owned these years ago. Great keepsakes!

The old fireplace had been built by her father and used growing up with so many memories and just needed cleaned and new washed finish to coordinate with Leanna’s new design scheme and colors in the living room. Thanks Leanna and Susan for this creative opportunity!


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