From rags to riches, this antique dresser finds a new home office to shine!

It is always exciting to find an antique treasure hidden in an old home covered in dust and left from previous owners. I knew when I saw this for sale, it would be awesome to re-purpose for someone.

My friend/client loved it too and offered to come with me to pick it up. Looking back I’m surprised we actually got it home. We could barely get to it in the room and then down the tight staircase and steep steps outside on a very snowy day in Pittsburgh.

Enjoy these before and after pictures. Such fun design details and construction from years ago. I was blessed to follow an incredible local interior designer, Valerie, who helped create this beautiful new office space.

This antique dresser was a favorite for me to bring back to life. From rags to riches for sure and thank you Nicole, for the opportunity to be creative in your home office.

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