Pearlescent Chandelier & Table Project!

Proud to present the story behind several fun creative projects completed earlier this year!

These painting projects happened during a few different stages of the construction process of my client’s first floor renovation. A gorgeous new kitchen/laundry, all new floors and beautiful new wall colors selected by local interior designer, Leanna Hart. I really feel like it’s a castle and so well designed!

First, brainstormed a variety of ideas for an updated table finish to coordinate with new colors and dining room chairs on order!

Table had been used for years in the kitchen and held special memories. It was in great shape and so worth keeping. I did minor touch up on the stained wood top and created a distressed base finish, which has a very subtle purple undertone but mostly grey, just like her walls! I added a hint of cream distressing for texture to pull in creamy fabric on the chairs.

Next, we discussed a new metallic finish to lighten up the older dark brass chandelier with leaves and crystal details. My crazy art brain began mixing colors and it was great to agree on a creamy pearlescent finish! This chandelier was tricky getting to all the tiny spaces but a fun challenge!

The beautiful artwork in the dining room is from local freelance artist Sarah Jameson. She is quite a talent and her amazing artwork can be found online at!

Thank you Danelle for the opportunity to be creative in your beautiful home! I call it a castle as the dining room proudly presents…. and sparkles! The best part is I also gained a great new friend for which am very grateful! Cheers!

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